Are dogs permitted?

Yes, but on a leash, please. Dangerous dogs must wear a muzzle.

Do I have to pre-book the camping?

Last year we still had enough space. But if it gets very crowded this year, we can not guarantee that everyone will get a seat. Click here for the ticket shop.

Shall I pre-book my tickets?

It is not necessary to buy tickets in advance. They can also be bought at the cashier. However, if you have pre-booked, then it’s faster at the checkout.

At what age do children have to pay admission?

Children are entitled to a discounted rate from the age of 6 years.

Do I have to register for workshops and lectures?

At individual lectures or workshops, it can be full, sometimes also the number of participants is limited. In this case, please be on time on site.

Is there electricity on the camping area?

No, unfortunately not. The camping area is not a normal campsite, but a meadow, which is especially for the event as a camping area available. There is a 200-300m distance a shower container and two toilet containers and a device for washing dishes. Toilets (Dixie toilets) are distributed in the immediate vicinity of the camp area. The cleaning of all sanitary facilities is carried out continuously.

Is there a charge for parking?

No, parking is free. The parking lot is located in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the fair.

Is it possible to arrive by public transport?

The journey by public transport is possible, but a bit more complicated. Please search for the best connections via Deutsche Bahn.

Is there Wi-Fi in the exhibition center?

There is no Wi-Fi at the exhibition center. Wi-Fi is only available in the hotel rooms and in the restaurant “Zum Pferdestall”, which is located on the exhibition grounds.

Can I leave and enter the exhibition grounds several times a day?

If you have a day ticket, please show your day ticket at the entrance upon re-entry. If you wear a wristband on the wrist, please show this on entry. The trade fair ribbon is only valid if worn on the wrist.

Is there a lost property office?

Lost items are handed over at the restaurant “Zum Pferdestall”.

Do I need a ticket if I only want to hear one lecture?

Yes, as all lecture rooms are located on the exhibition grounds, access is only possible with an admission ticket.

Can I bring my bike to the fairgrounds?

Unfortunately, no bicycles can be brought to the exhibition center. In front of the entrance there are possibilities to turn off the bike and close it to the fence.

However, liability for the bicycle can not be assumed.

How do I get bulky purchases to the parking lot or camp area?

After the end of the fair (after 18:00h), bulky items can be picked up directly at the exhibition stand. Please report to the cashier.

When is the latest arrival for campers?

Thursday and Friday up to 23:00h.

Saturday 18:00h is the latest.

My question is not answered - what can I do?

Please use our contact form to ask your question.

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