Enquiry for a stand at the Adventure Southside 2020

The minimum size is  3m x 3m = 9 m².

Prices for exhibition areas outside

from 9 to 200m²: 12.50 €/m²

Example: 8m x 6m = 48m², each 12.50 €/m² = 600 €
any additional m² exceeding 200m² (from 201m² to 400m²):  10,- €/m²

Example: 25m x 15m = 375m²:
200m² for 12.50 €/m² = 2,500 €
175m² for 10 €/m² = 1,750 €
Sum: 4,250 €

Any additional m² exceeding 400m² (from 401m²): 8 €/m²

Electrical Supplies

Up to 2kW we charge 120 €  per stand. For 500W the price is 60€.  Sharing with your neighbor is not permitted. Not every pitch can get power supply.

Number of wristbands for exhibitors

The number of the traders wristbands contained in the pitch price is limited. Additional wristbands can be purchased for 16,81 € (20,00 € including VAT) per piece.

The number of wristbands included in your pitch is calculated as follows:

Base: 2 Wristbands

for each 30 m² booked trade area you get another wristband.

ara: 24 m²: 2 wristbands (base)
area:: 60 m²: 2 wristbands (base) + 2 additional wristbands (2 x 30 m² = 60 m²) = 4 wristbands
area: 400 m²: 2 wristbands (base) + 13 additional wristbands (13 x 30 m² = 390 m²) = 15 wristbands

You can order your additional wristbands in the form below or get them at the check-in.

Marketing package

The marketing package is obligatory and costs 50 €.

Content of the marketing package:

  • Entry in the exhibitors list of the visitors magazine
  • Entry in the online exhibitors list
  • Publishing of an article about you and your products on our website
  • Linking of this article to our facebook page: www.facebook.com/AdventureSouthside

This all you get free of cost

  • Camping on your pitch on the exhibition venue
  • No parking fees for visitors and traders on the venue’s parking ground
  • cost free access for vehicles to the exhibition ground
  • Showers and toilets on the exhibition venue
  • Reduced camping fee on the outside camp ground of 10 €.

All prices excluding VAT (19%).

Please fill out the form for a stand enquiry.

Company name*:

Entry in the exhibitors list if different from company name:


Post code*:
Contact person*:
Front length in m*:
Depth in m*:
Outer or interior stand*: outdoorindoor

If you want a marquee/tent please choose one:
5m x 5m with wooden floor: 590€
Tent 6m x 3m without floor, Entry height 2,3m: 350€
Pavillon 3m x 3m without floor: 120€
Strom*: None500W 60€2kW 120€

If you want wood chips on your stand please put in the number of m³.
1 cubic meter (m³) is good for 20m² and costs 40 €.
You will be charged 100 € additionally for delivering and removing the wood chips.
Number of cubic meters wood chips*:

Additional wristbands for staff*:

Your exhibition goods:

Your message to us:

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